With offices in Trondheim, Oslo, Vancouver, Beijing and Shanghai, Viking Media have created a marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers directly and transparently, amplifying their monetization and advertising efforts.
Viking Media, a fast user acquisition platform, supports traffic from iOS and Android,CPI/CPE/CPA models, SDK, API & S2S integration and Smart Link monetization of remnant traffic.

Bring global users for Advertisers

Viking Media believes in results, reaching clients KPI’s and delivering the best possible traffic. As a Performance-based company, we are connecting diverse app advertisers with cutting edge acquisition strategies and traffic sources that deliver both scale and high-engagement.
We provide for advertisers:
  • High Volume & Premium Traffic
  • Real Time Optimization
  • Professional Support
  • Spend based on Performance
  • Trusted Publishers

Maximize Publishers‘ Mobile Revenues

Directly cooperating with many famous advertisers globally throughout a variety of verticals,Viking Media can make certain a regular supply of high payout CPI/CPA offers. We have tailor and target solutions leading to a higher ROI.
What we provide:
  • Direct & High payout campaigns
  • Fast & Scheduled payment
  • Timely Notification
  • Dedicated Manager

Technical Gene and Product Based

Viking Media is a technology company creating tools to build brands in a mobile world.
Cooperating with dozens of direct publishers, we can keep on driving interest and awareness for advertisers at scale.
We are also developing our own product helping advertisers for user acquisition.
Our capabilities

Assuring you of
our best services.

Viking Media is an evolving performance ad agency, we constantly developing with the affiliate marketing industry to provide you with the most essential Ad Tech solutions on pay per results basis.
Members of our team are represented by professionals in mobile and web-promotion. Our activity in the fields of app adverts started when the mobile app industry was at its early age and now we are skilled team with extensive experience and dedication to maximize the success of our clients.








Team members

What clients say

Viking Media was remarkably helpful and helped solve our issues. He even followed up by email to make sure we were successful. I so appreciate quality support.

Jon Louis Dorbolo

Founder CEO
The support was really great when I had a question about the models, they really went above and beyond what I expected.

Stephen Kiser

The product you have is first rate, but it can’t compare with the degree of service you guys provide across all levels of expertise.

Nancy Hammond Dumenic

I've never had such a thorough level of attention paid to a problem I had and I can tell that Viking Media is an organization that stands behind their customers and supports their product.

Shawn Regan

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